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A true "upgrade" –
your visit in a diverse environment

hike to an old mill or to a modern museum, dive into some rich cultural heritage or a clear mountain lake. Breathe the atmosphere of a 5.000 year old Celtic town and some fresh air. Salzburg City, the rural Salzburg and its vicinities offer you plenty of possibilities.

We have compiled some very worthwhile destinations for you, concerning the closer surrounding in a circuit of 40 kilometers.

Image: Egelsee Abtenau 

Scheffau am Tennengebirge

Besides beeing  quaint and quiet this little town in the Lammer-valley stands out due to its convenient position and connections.
It is an ideal home base for spending some great time here and in the surroundings.

Image: © Gemeinde Scheffau


5 minutes off

The bathing lake in Scheffau with beach volley and bar. Easily reachable by bicicle and by foot.

Image: © Harrbergsee 

Lammer & Lammerklamm

5 minutes off

Sometimes its water shoots fiercly through narrow rocks, sometimes it flowes gently through the valley. Discover the impressive river section "Lammerklamm" or take a short walk right from your doorstep to go for a brisk leap into the fresh water of the Lammer river. 

Image: © Gemeinde Scheffau 


5 minutes off

Four kilometers away from Scheffau, Golling offers many things that can enhance your visit: First class local supply and gourmet food, restaurants and coffe houses as well as recreational areas and cultural life.

Image: © Gemeinde Golling 

Aqua Salza Golling

5 minutes off

Our very close bathing-, sauna- and comfortzone

Image: © Aqua Salza Wellness & Bad Golling GmbH


The Bluntau Valley

10 minutes off

One of Austrias most gorgeous landscapes – right on the doorstep. 

Image: © Gemeinde Golling 

The Aubach

15 minutes off

The little green river is made for dabbling and sunbathing. Reachable by car and further by foot. 

Image: © Tom Bachler 



10 minutes off

This high plateau with an average altitude of 1.300 meters above sea level, forms Austrias biggest alp-area and provides everything for both the sportsmen and the one looking for relaxation.

Image: © 

Eisriesenwelt Werfen

25 minutes off + walk

The Tennengebirge (main mountain area of the region) harbors the wolds biggest ice cave with a total length of 42 kilometers.

Open from 1st of Mai til 26th of October.

Image: © TVB Werfen 

Berchtesgadener Land und Königssee

40 minutes off

We also like to mention our Bavarian neighbours, especially the nearby Berchtesgaden Land. Somenone who’s got these lakes, these mountains and a "Hofbräuhaus" (Royal Court Brewery) must be cool with the world.

Image: Gästeservice Berchtesgaden / Lizenzfrei

Hallstatt and the Salzkammergut

40 minutes off

The characteristic nature and cultural landscape of this region is worth a journey.
On the image: Hallstatt – UNESCO World Heritage with millenia-long history. 

Image: © Ferienregion Dachstein Salzkammergut / Viorel Munteanu 

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A tasteful place 

From cottage-snack to haute cuisine – Salzburg has got taste. Indeed this federal state of Austria has a particularly high density of first-rate and renowned restaurants as well as master chefs.

Here you find some personal recommendations, beginning with the closest destinations. 


3 minutes off

Traditional Austrian cooking in the center of Scheffau. Family Wallinger bids you welcome in snuggery and the quiet pub garden.

Image: © Pointwirt 


Golling, 10 minutes off

True worlds of enjoyment: Thats what Family Döllerer offers you through their restaurant, inn, wine shop and in-house butchery with fine food.

3 Hauben restaurant
2 Hauben inn

Image: © Döllerer

Restaurant Obauer

Werfen, 15 minutes off

In their highly decorated restaurant Austrias best chefs Karl and Rudolf Obauer create cuisine that goes straight to the heart and stomach of every true gourmet.

4 Hauben
Chefs of the decade (Gault Millau)

Image: © Tom Bachler

Cafe-Pub Struwelpeter

Abtenau, 15 minutes off

Properly tapped beer, distinguished wine, delicate spirits and Italian coffee: The small and decent pub of Barman Peter Winkler for almost over 30 years stands out due to its consistend quality and charme.

Image: © Tom Bachler 


Annaberg, 30 minutes off

High cooking skills in high altitude. Chef
Erwin Werlberger and his team very agreeable combine both the traditional and the refined cuisine in this pleasing location.

1 Haube

Image: © Winterstellgut



Obertraun, 45 minutes off

Quaintly located beside the Koppentraun river the "Koppenrast" not only can be recommended to those already on a trip to the "Salzkammergut". Here you find deliciate cuisine in typical atmosphere worth a journey itself.

Image: © Koppenrast



Private Chef Simon Haigermoser

Private chef and catering

Your private chef, barbecue professional and expert for celebrations. Apprenticed in some of Austrias best houses. He’ll cook and you enjoy.

Bild: © Tom Bachler 

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Salzburg – looks great
and sounds fantastic!

One can hardly imagine Salzburg as complete without its both cultural and artistical heritage. And we don’t have to! The care for all sorts of audible and visible pleasures is in season here at any time and many places.

Besides that, Salzburg is always worth a visit – whether you want to stroll trough its pituresque alleys or take a view from its surrounding hills.

For the latest information about events an cultural life of Salzburg please visit:

Bild: © Tom Bachler

Hallein – celts, salt and culture

The appartements bachler are surrounded by places of history and flair. This also very much applies to Hallein. This second biggest city of the state of Salzburg obtained importance and wealth early in history: Initially as a Celtic colony and later as a substancial trading point and productive mining site for precious salt.

Today Hallein furthermore presents itself as a cultural anchor in the Alpine foreland and lives up to his role as both a tradition-conscious and modern orientated place.

For the latest information about events an cultural life of Hallein please visit:

Bild: © TVB Hallein

Golling – a wind of change in
the neighbour village

From here the colonization of an entire region started out. Today Golling furthermore presents itself as a place of activity for the culturally interested. In particular through theatrical and musical performances such as readings, cabaret shows and the annual „Little Festivals“ on Golling Castle.

For the latest information about events an cultural life of Golling please visit:

Bild: © Gemeinde Golling